Saturday, February 28, 2015

Traveling With My Bicycles

Wrapping up the editing of my booklet "Traveling With My Bicycles".  It tells a short story of what drove me to riding bicycles.  Most of the booklet is filled with how to create your "mulit-activity" trip.

Plans are to make the booklet available as an e-book for Kindle.

Preface -

"So, what are you going to do to keep active?" was the question my cardiac rehab folks asked in my exit interview. After weeks walking on the treadmill, I knew this was not the solution. My mom walks with a group. But walking the mall did not appeal me, either. Hiking is great, but "hiking" amongst the corn fields of Iowa? 
As a kid, I used to ride a bicycle. Maybe that would peak my interest. I set out to look at purchasing a bicycle. I started riding local trails. Soon, I was taking a bicycle with me on trips. These trips combined my exploring nature, love of photography, and riding my bicycle. 
The trips I take are not for folks that want to lay on the beach and work on their tan. They are trips filled with activity yet leaving time to relax, recover and reflect.
This booklet is a compilation of what I have learned planning and implementing these trips. It is not a recipe for the perfect trip. It is meant to cause you to consider ways to blend activities you enjoy with things you are passionate about into your travels.


Booklet covers for you to consider...