Monday, June 25, 2018

Test of Aurora HDR 2018

Saw information about Aurora HDR 2018 software.  Since most of my landscape photos are shot and processed as HDR, I was anxious to check out the software.  I have been processing most of my HDR photos in HDR Darkroom 2 Pro with some in Photomatix Essentials 4.0.  I have tested many other HDR packages, most had problems with aligning the images (I mostly shoot handheld).  Aurora HDR 2018 did a good job aligning my handheld images.  I am pleased with the results with Aurora HDR 2018.  The colors are more vivid.  Be aware, the resulting files are large.  With HDR Darkroom 2 Pro, files were 10-14 MB.  With Aurora HDR 2018, files are 25-27 MB!

HDR Darkroom 2 Pro

Aurora HDR 2018