Friday, September 16, 2016

Shooting the State Fair Rodeo

My main interest in the New Mexico State Fair was to attend one of the rodeo performances.  It was the first time I attended the New Mexico fair.  Was not sure if the rodeo would be inside or outside. When I researched the venue, I found out the rodeo is being held in the Tingley Coliseum, and indoor venue.

The indoor venue meant I would he shooting under lower light conditions.  My cousin in Albuquerque accompanied me in the fair & rodeo.  Arrived early for the rodeo to check out the fair a little and grab some food.  We arrived just in time to see a couple dock jumping dogs (ALA David Letterman).  Walked around a little, but soon my left knee was giving me problems.  We staarted headed toward the coliseum for the rodeo.

Dock Dogs (DockDogs)

I brought my camera bag with my Canon 60D and Tamron 18-200mm lens.  As we were able to sit in the center of the coliseum seating, I realized that I would be able to shoot the whole rodeo with the one lens - no need to use any of the other lenses I had with me in the camera bag.
Dressed for the Rodeo (OutsideColiseum)

I set about to setting the camera for the shoot.  I realized I would need to use a high ISO setting.  Settling on ISO 3200.  Camera mode was Auto White Balance and Aperture Priority.  This gave me shutter speeds of 1/80 to 1/125 sec.

It was Military day at the State Fair. Both being veterans, my cousin and I got into the fair for $2 each.  The rodeo show was also geared to the military and veteran's.  Was a special tribute the us Vietnam Vets. 

Started using auto focus.  The camera could not keep up with the action.  I changed to manual focus.  This was the first time I shot so many photos with manual focus while also changing the lens focal length.
 Team Roping (TeamRoping)

The camera was shooting both RAW and JPG at the same time.  I have been doing this typically, so I can get quick edits for facebook, my blogs, and my web site.  When I want some for commercial uses or enlargements, I reprocess the photos from the camera RAW.
 Barrel Racing (BarrelRacing)

We enjoyed the rodeo.  The cowboys and cowgirls gave us a good show. The stock (calves, horses, and bulls) won the rodeo in our scoring.
Cowboy Faceplant (CowboyFaceplant)

I learned a lot of running my camera in low light conditions.  The camera and software preformed like a champ under these conditions.  All photos at the rodeo were processed by Photoshop Elements 9.  While I shot about 150 frames, there just under 100 that are worth posting on my web site.  Soon, the web site page will be created and photos will be posted.
Bull Riding (BullRiding)

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