Thursday, July 21, 2016

Guru's Picks

Many of you know that I have been entering photos in the Gurushot's challenges.  Early on I won a camera trigger system for smart phones being one of the 3 winners in the challenge.  Often, my selections have reached "All-Star" level. 

When selecting photos for the challenges, I select those that show the diversity of my photography, not the ones that I think that are the best.  The photographs and ranking are based by votes from other photographers in the challenge.  And, I can tell you they have diverse interests and likes!

Today, 2 of my photos were elected my "Guru's Picks", meaning the pro-photographer running the challenge selected my photos for recognition.  Here are my photo's that were "Guru's Picks".

ManyGlacierView                  Many Glaciers area of Glacier National Park
Guru's Pick in "Scenic Mountains"

DTBarHarborBW        Downtown Bar Harbor, ME           Guru's Pick in "Shades of Gray" challenge

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Shades of Red

This Gurushots Challenge surprised me.  I did not expect to reach "All-Star" level in the "Shades of Red" Challenge.  Alas, my selections made it.  Here are my entrees.

CabooseNbike                   Caboose and bicycle along Santa Fe's Rail Trail

RedsonLakefront                  Art and the light house on long  Kenosha, WI port

RedVet                          Red Corvette at outdoor car show

RedRoses                              Red roses in the garden at Washingtom Oaks State Park, FL

Monday, July 4, 2016

Black & White Outdoors Challenge

When any Black & White Gurushots challenge comes up, I have a problem selection which of my photos to enter.  I honed my skills as the publicity officer and photographer for the VFW in New Hampshire.  Any outdoor photographer aspires to me like Ansel Adams.  There are my "All-Star" entrees in the Gurushots Black & White Outdoors challenge.

NiagaraFallsBW                          Niagara Falls from the Skylon Tower

TetonView-bw                      Grand Tetons from the bicycle trail to Jenny Lake

EndlessTrail                           Paseo del Bosque south of Central Ave in Albuquerque, NM

JennyLake2-bw                        Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park